Getting through the Hump: Gilmore Style

Happy Wednesday, friends!

About once a month, I like to do this little thing I call “Getting through the Hump” where i basically post absolutely ridiculous pictures that hopefully will make your Wednesday a little better (or at least momentarily distract you from the fact that there’s still two more days until the weekend).

For today’s edition, I turned to the sassiest girls in all of Stars Hollow for some inspiration. That’s right, my beloved Gilmore Girls. Take it away, girls!

I learned so much from Lorelei and Rory Gilmore during my high schools years…like how to stand up for your beliefs and not always go with the crowd.


As someone who works with a bunch of doctors, I can neither confirm or deny if this statement is true…


This right here is why Logan was my favorite of Rory’s boyfriends. Incredibly attractive and charming rule breaker? Check.


Lorelei Gilmore: Always right. Always fashionable.


This line always cracks me up because it reminds me of one night at my uncle’s house a few years ago. There might have been several alcoholic beverages enjoyed throughout the evening before I said the brilliant words, “I wonder how wine and ice cream taste together?”. For inquiring minds: absolutely awful.


Hope you have a great Wednesday and go own it with all the sass and confidence of Lorelei mixed with the persistence and earnestness of Rory!

(Credit to GilmoreGirlsDaily for the pics)

Are you a Gilmore Girls fan?

Favorite boyfriend of Rory: Dean, Jess or Luke?

What is one good thing about your week so far?

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Weekend Recap: Glow Run 5K

Oh, hi there! It’s been awhile, right?

I guess we probably have some stuff to catch up on over the past week. So, what’s new with you?

Things have been pretty much the same over here. I do have a little piece of exciting news that I’ve been wanting to share for awhile now, but had to wait until the timing was right…

I’m going to be an aunt!!

My best friend A.G. and her husband are expecting a little baby early next year! We have all been praying for this baby for years, so I was beyond excited when I heard the news. I know A.G. and her husband will be the absolute best parents in the world and I’m so grateful to be a part of this next chapter in my dear friend’s life.

Thanks Leeanne for the adorable family portrait – baby bump, dogs and all! If y’all are interested in getting a family portrait made (they make great gifts!), visit Leeanne’s site to see more.


This weekend was pretty low key. I finished season four of Parks and Rec (please go watch this show if you haven’t already – I laugh out loud the entire time). I also got to participate in a new to me race: the Glow Run. Glow Runs are another one of those popular 5K races similar to the Color Run. The catch with this one is that it’s at night and you wear glow sticks while having glow in the dark powder thrown at you at different color stations.

I’d never run a night race before, but figured it would be good preparation for my Wine n’ Dine Half in November. I started off Saturday morning with my long run of 7 miles. I figured between that and a 5K, I’d be doing pretty good with a 10 mile day. I thought I would be dead during the 5K, but I fared better than expected. Granted, it was more of a run/walk than a 5K race for time.

The race was put on by Ft. Gordon and was completely free (hey-o!), so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect in terms of the race itself. I was just hoping for a good time with good friends. We arrived at the race just before sunset and got all our glow gear. The race had a great turn-out with about 500 walk-in registrations alone! 


Once the sun set, it was race time! My friends and I agreed that we would try to stay together as much as possible. There were so many people that it was a bit hard to run together, but we managed to stay within sight distance of each other for most of the race.

Unfortunately, due to the high volumes of walk-in racers, they ran out of the glow in the dark powder at a lot of the color stations. So, that was kind of a bummer, but considering the overwhelming amount of racers, I think they handled everything really well.


Note to future self: Never try to take a jumping picture mid-race. You will end up looking like you are in desperate need of a porta potty. 

Post race picture with our medals! (A 5K with a medal? Say whaaa!) Please do not be terrified by my friend, Dominique (far left). One of the volunteers hit him right in the face with a bunch of glow in the dark color at one of the stations. His face was bright neon yellow the rest of the night. He seriously looked like an alien.


So, what’s a group of friends to do close to 10 PM at night after running a 5K? Refuel at Waffle House of course!


Although this race was far from a PR, it was such a fun way to spend a Saturday night with some of my favorite people!

Thanks to Erin for the Weekend Snapshots/Recap link-up!

Have you ever ran in a Glow Run or Color Run?

What would be your ideal post-race meal?

What was the highlight of your weekend?

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Weekend Recap: Picture-less

I did not take one single blog-worthy picture this weekend. Nope, not one.

You know what? That’s ok. Because despite my lack of picture taking, I was still able to have a pretty great weekend.

This weekend I…

– drank wine and caught up with one of my best friends 

– picked up some custom art pieces from Leeanne that I can’t wait to give as gifts to some sweet friends of mine

– saw The Man from U.N.C.L.E and sat in awe of Henry Cavill’s beauty for two hours


(Since this post has absolutely no other pictures, I figured I’d be kind and give you a little something for the eyes.)

– went to Bonefish with my Dad

– realized that I had Bonefish two weekends in a row courtesy of my boyfriend and my Dad. The men in my life sure do know the way to my heart.

– completed an 8 mile long run and didn’t feel like dying afterwards

– went to church and was encouraged by learning more about the character of Jesus

– attempted to nap, but forgot to put my phone on silent

– had a much needed Parks & Rec Netflix-a-thon

– made BSAT sandwiches (Bacon/Spinach/Avocado/Tomato)

Yup. I think that pretty much sums it up over here.

So, how was your weekend?

What was the last movie you saw in theaters?

Did this weekend feel a little like fall to anyone or was it just wishful thinking on my part?

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Friday Faves: Firmoo Review

Happy Friday y’all!

Is it just me or has this week sort of flown by compared to usual? I never say that either, so something must be up. Now, let’s get into some Friday Faves shall we? For any new readers out there (oh, hey!!), Friday Faves are when I talk about what I’m currently loving, eating, drinking, watching, laughing at, wearing, etc.


Fave Drink: Chocolate Cashew Milk

I got this in the store the other day since I’ve been curious about cashew milk and how it compares taste wise to almond milk. Let me tell you, it blows chocolate almond milk out of the water! This is the closest dairy-free alternative I’ve found to actual chocolate milk which means it has turned into my new favorite nighttime snack.


Fave Find: Firmoo

A couple of weeks back, I was contacted by Firmoo to try out a pair of their glasses for review. I was a little skeptical about ordering a pair of glasses that I hadn’t tried on before, but I figured I would give it a try. First of all, I made the mistake of trying to use an old, old eyeglass prescription. It didn’t have all the information that Firmoo required when filling the order form out for an RX, but I thought that I had guesstimated pretty accurately. Unfortunately, I was wayyyyy wrong. When my glasses came in, the first thing I noticed was the adorable eyeglass case they came in (seen below). I also loved the look of the frames themselves. However, the lenses were completely wrong. I could tell that just by looking at them. I know it had everything to do with how I entered the prescription in incorrectly. SO, if you do ever order from Firmoo make sure to use a current prescription with all the details needed. Better yet, you can scan your prescription right into their system too. This is what I will be doing in the future once I get a new prescription. This way, all the guess work is taken out of the equation for me.

Firmoo has so many new, cute glasses to choose from and the pricing is very reasonable. For what you would pay for one pair of prescription glasses normally, you can get two or three pairs from Firmoo. And what girl doesn’t love having more choices to accessorize with?

Firmoo has kindly offered all of you 15% off any purchase you simply by clicking this link here.


Fave Pen: Harry Potter Quill Pen

Want to know the best thing about dating someone who lives in Florida? He brings you treats from Harry Potter world and Disneyworld whenever he visits! (Because we all know that is the true way to my heart besides food.) Ever since Phil gave me this Harry Potter quill pen last weekend, I have been using it at work much to my coworkers’ amusement. What can I say? I’m a Harry Potter nerd for life.


Fave Laugh:

A friend of mine posted this on Facebook the other night and when I stopped to actually think about it, I was shocked by how true it was in my experience. Keep in mind that I went to two completely different high schools in completely different states (Georgia and Florida), and somehow this was true at both of them!



Well, I think that’s all I have for you this week. I hope you enjoy your weekend and take some time to do something fun just for you!

What are your plans for this weekend?

Cashew milk vs. almond milk?

Do you wear glasses?

Moment of truth: was your high school history teacher also a coach?

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2016 Disney Marathon Training Plan

They say the third time is the charm.

I’m hoping that this rings true for me in January when I run my third Disney marathon. I have to admit, typing that sentence feels so weird. Mainly because I never even thought I would run one marathon much less be working towards my third. While I am far from being a professional, fast, knowledgable or even graceful runner, I do think that I’ve learned a lot about my body and what it responds best to over the past couple of years.

Because of what I’ve learned during my past two marathon training plans, I was able to go into my third marathon training plan with a little bit more insight about what my body needed and didn’t need. Another major factor I had to consider this time around? I will be doing a lot of traveling over the next few months. In fact it seems like I’m gone almost every other weekend. This was something I had to adjust into my plan as well.

So, my training plan this time around isn’t quite as rigid as I’ve made it in the past. It’s more of a guideline of things I want to get done in a particular week more so than it is a daily schedule of what I have to do.




Oh, the long run! It’s, in my opinion, what makes marathon training. In the past, I always do my long runs on Saturday or Sunday, but this time I’m extending my definition of “weekend long run days” due to traveling so much on the weekends. I will be doing my long runs on either Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday (depending on what I have going on each weekend). I’m currently adding a mile to my mileage with each passing week except for a couple of weekends where I just know longer runs won’t be possible. In those cases, I’ve cut back on my mileage for the week. I don’t want to stress too much over my long runs other than to get them done. My highest mileage will take me up to 20 miles towards the end of December before I start to taper.


This is one area of training that I have majorly ignored in the past. No more! I will be doing my Orange Theory classes twice a week to serve as my speed and strength portions of training. Orange Theory is perfect for this because it pushes me outside of my normal comfort zone that I would stay within if I tried to do this on my own. The hour long class is broken up into 30 minute segments with one segment being dedicated to interval training on the treadmill and the other being strength training. Can we say perfect? I’ve already seen a huge improvement on my running time with Orange Theory and can’t wait to see how it develops over the next few months.


With all the stress that marathon training puts on your body, it’s so important for me to incorporate in some yoga and pilates to training as well. My goal is to do each once a week. Ideally, I would like to do yoga after every long run and then once more throughout the week with a separate session for pilates.


For my cross training this marathon season, I’m going to rely on my bike. Once a week, I will get out on my bike and ride just for fun. I’m hoping to do this on Mondays when possible because, let’s face it, who wants to have to think too much on a Monday anyways. Eventually, I would like to add swimming into my cross-training but since I don’t have a pool super close to my house, I’m not sure how feasible this would be for me. Therefore, I’ll be sticking with my bike as my main form of cross-training.

Well, there you have it! A very brief overview of what my training and workouts for the next few months will look like. I’ll be keeping you updated of course (more for my own accountability than for anything else).

Disney Marathon 2016, I’ll see you soon!

Are you training for any races? If so, tell me about your plan?

Which plans work better for you: rigid or more flexible?

What is a major goal you have set for yourself over the next few months?


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Weekend Recap: Jacksonville Date Weekend

Happy Monday my friends! I hope you had a great weekend!

My weekend was pretty fantastic. Phil and I met in Jacksonville on Friday night since it’s the halfway point for both of us. I have to admit that although being in a long distance relationship isn’t exactly ideal in a lot of ways, it does have it’s perks. The main one? We get to have date weekends to make up for all the lost “dates” in between seeing each other.

We kicked the night off at Bonefish which also happens to be the place we went on our first date. Can I give y’all a little tip that might just change your life? You can get the Bang Bang shrimp sauteed instead of fried. I’m sure the sauce is still not the healthiest, but it is served on the side when you order it sauteed. This way you still get all the Bang Bang shrimp flavor, but just in a slightly healthier version.


What’s a trip to Florida if you don’t go to the beach?


On Saturday, we went to St. John’s Town Center which is a beautiful outdoor mall area in Jacksonville. They have so many nice stores. It is pretty much a shopper’s paradise…well, if you happen to have insane amounts of money to spend at overpriced high end stores that is. But hey, there’s nothing wrong with some window shopping!

For dinner, we stopped in at Maggiano’s for my first time. I immediately feel in love with the dark, elegant woods and decor. And then I tried the food. Oh man. Can we say new favorite restaurant?



 We were so stuffed leaving Maggiano’s, but how can one walk by a Cheesecake Factory and not get a piece of cheesecake to go? I forgot how overwhelming the cheesecake counter there is. There are SO many options y’all! The pressure was just too much for me and I couldn’t decide, so I had Phil pick. His choice? The white chocolate macadamia nut cheesecake. Let’s just say he chose wisely.


Sunday was a sad day since we both had to leave to head back home. We made a quick Trader Joe’s trip since you know I must stop at TJ’s anytime I am within a 30 mile radius of one. I can’t wait until the day I live near one. It’s my favorite grocery store by far and this is just one of the reasons why:



Also, if you see this and are tempted to buy it like I was…Don’t.


And just like that, our Jacksonville date weekend was over and we were both heading our separate ways. I think we made some solid life choices this trip though such as somehow incorporating bacon into every single one of the meals that we ate. You know what they: The couple that eats bacon together must run a Disney marathon together to justify all the bacon.

Thanks Erin for the Weekend Recap link-up!

How was your weekend?

If you could have any cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory which one would you choose?



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WIAW: What the Stomach Wants

Hey guys!

Hope you are feeling pretty good about the fact that we are half-way through the week because I sure am : )

School starts back here today. Although this doesn’t really affect me at all except for traffic wise, I can’t help but feel for all my teacher friends and kids. Doesn’t it seem super early for them to be going back now? I remember we always went back at least more towards the middle or end of August. I guess times are a’changin!


During the week, I go for easy morning meals that require absolutely no thought or brain power (usually because I just blindly stagger to my pantry and grab whatever my hands land on). These Belvita breakfast bars totally fit that qualification. Plus, any excuse to start the day with some chocolate!

bevita-breakfast-bar Lunch

For lunch, I was craving a good old egg salad sandwich for some reason. So, that’s exactly what I did. I tried to “dress it up” a little bit more by adding some spinach, balsamic vinaigrette and toasting the bread. Fancy!


 The usual: apples and sea salt dark chocolate almonds. Please ignore the fact that I ate half a jar of almonds. How is a girl supposed to know the proper serving size of almonds anyway? Who defines this “handful” word I keep hearing?


For some weird reason, I have really been craving a steak. Now, this is weird because I am not a steak person whatsoever. In fact, I’m not normally a red meat person unless it comes in the form of a hamburger with bacon on top. When I told my dad about my craving, he was surprised, but more than game to play along too. So dinner was a summer feast of steak, veggie kabobs and baked potatoes on the grill. It hit the spot.


And that was another day of eats in my world!

Thanks to Jen for the WIAW link-up.

When does school start back where you live?

What’s something you have had a weird craving for recently?

What is your favorite summer meal on the grill?

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Weekend Recap: Let the Training Begin!

Monday, Monday. We meet again.

This week is basically just a means to an end since I have some exciting plans this weekend. Can it be Friday already?

Speaking of exciting, that is not the word I would use to describe this past weekend. But it was still a great one in my book! It included lots of movie watching, a good nap and some catching up with friends. Since nothing too terribly fascinating happened, what do you say to a sentence per picture kind of recap today?

  • Visits to the hair salon always require some sort of photographic evidence.


  • Happy Birthday, Harry! (Potter that is)


  • Yes, we tried to recreate a birthday cake for Harry Potter (and our friend Dominique). Let’s just say that a career as a cake decorator does not await me in the future.


  • Who needs chips when you can just as easily use bacon as the tool to get guacamole to your mouth?


  • Let the 2016 Disney Marathon training begin!!


  • My excitement was short lived though.




Thanks to Erin for the Weekend link-up!

Did you do anything fun this weekend?

Anyone else starting marathon/half-marathon training this month?

What is your perfect food pairing for bacon?


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Friday Faves: Girl’s Night

Happy Friday!!

I am so ready for a relaxing weekend at home. My plans? Let’s say they involve lots of movie watching and some dear friends.

Today’s edition of Friday Faves will be a little different than most if that’s alright with you. Last night, I went out with my friends Leah and Jennifer for an early birthday dinner for Leah. I’ll break it down for you Friday Fave style!



We all were really curious to try a new sushi restaurant called Sole that opened in downtown Augusta. New restaurants are a pretty big deal around here. We were seated at the sushi bar and all decided we should give their sushi a try this trip despite the fact that they had some seriously amazing sounding entrees.

Favorite: Sweet Potato chips (actually, sweet potato anything)

The sweet potato chips were really good. They were very light and weren’t greasy at all. However, we all agreed they could have benefited from some type of dipping sauce for fun.


Not so fave: Their sushi.

Ehhh, it was ok. Kinda like Publix sushi. I think I will stick with my beloved Takosushi when I need a sushi fix though. However, I am looking forward to going back and trying their entrees at some point. P.S. They charged me 50 cents for a side of teriyaki sauce! Um, no. Restaurants that charge for extra sauce get some serious side-eye from me.


Fave: After dinner walks at sunset.

After dinner, we went back to Jennifer’s new apartment and decided to take a little walk to explore her neighborhood. Isn’t this place so peaceful? We kept joking that it reminded us of The Notebook. All that was missing was a boat, Noah and about a dozen geese.



Fave: Goats!

What we lacked in geese, we made up for in other animals. Walking back to Jennifer’s apartment, we passed one of the local restaurant’s farm and gardens. Of course, I was the one who had to stop and try to play with the animals.


So even though dinner wasn’t quite what we were hoping, girl’s night was still a success since my company was the best.

One final Friday Fave? My friends.

Hope you have a great weekend! We’ll catch up on Monday, deal?


Do you give restaurants another try if they don’t “wow” you the first time?

Have you tried any new restaurants recently?

What are your weekend plans?

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Getting Through the Hump: Part 3

Hey there my beautiful friends!

I have to start off by saying a HUGE thank you to each of you for your sweet and heartfelt comments on my post last week. I know I’ve probably said this a million times before, but I’m so thankful to be a part of this incredible community of bloggers who actually encourage and care about each other. I know that the internet can be a mean and scary place sometimes. So, thank you for keeping my little space of the internet such a positive and inviting atmosphere!

I’m still in the process of going through the comments. Y’all had such moving comments that I want to make sure I take my time reading and responding to them. I promise I will get to them all!

You know I don’t like to keep things serious for too long around here, so let’s celebrate this week being halfway over by another round of “Getting Through the Hump!”

Besides the fact this koala is insanely adorable…just yes…


Also, speaking of food…You can tell how high you rank as a friend in my life based on if I will share my food with you. Splitting a meal? That’s reserved for only the best of the best.


But no, really:


My best friend is a pro at the whole putting on make-up in a car thing. It’s probably one of her greatest life skills. Me? Well, this is pretty accurate of what happens if I ever attempt to do that.


True Story: Some good friends of mine seriously had their boat sink this past week while it was docked. Also True Story: I sent them this photo. I hope we are still friends.



Hope you have a great Hump Day! The weekend is so close – I can feel it : )

How do you feel about sharing food?

Any car make-up artists out there?

What is one thing that is getting you through the week so far?

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