Friday Faves: Charities 8

It’s finally here! Friday that is. I have no particular reason to be overly excited for this weekend. I think I’m just looking forward to being at home. Oh, and I’ve got my first 5K of the “season” on Saturday. It’s probably going to be rough, but at least it’s for a good cause (Augusta […]


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WIAW: Tomatoes Galore! 36

Happy Hump Day! You ever have one of those weeks that goes by fast and slow at the same time? Yeah, this is one of those weeks for me. On one hand, I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday, but on the other hand: is it Friday yet?? I’m linking up with Jenn from Peas & […]

A Weekend with the Manley’s 30

Hey and welcome back! I’m kind of saying that to myself too since I just got back last night from Louisville. I had such a great time catching up with my family! It was definitely a tiring weekend though, and I wish I had more time to rest before heading back to work. Oh well, […]

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August Stitch Fix Review 26

Good morning, friends! I’m a little bit late in getting my morning post up today. That’s because my flight didn’t get into Louisville til 11:30 last night which is WAY past this girl’s bed time. I think I really like flying at night though. I seems so peaceful and all the lights remind me of […]

WIAW: Photo Fails 31

Hey y’all! Happy Wednesday! I have to start the blog out today with wishing my Mom a very Happy “29th” Birthday!! Holy hairspray, Mom! Good thing there were no candles nearby. Also, I would like to document this photo as proof that I originated the “hand on the hip” pose. Toddler model. What can I […]

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Floral Crowns and Summer Shrimp Pasta Recipe 37

Monday, we meet again. I guess I’m ok with that. At this point, I view every Monday as a step closer to fall. I normally don’t do the Marvelous Monday link-ups because, well, Mondays aren’t marvelous in my book. Unless they are holidays, then Mondays are marvelous. But, weekends are marvelous. Since I’m recapping my […]

Friday Faves: What Makes You Rich? 30

Hey there! Was it me or did this week go by really fast? And y’all know I never say that either! I can’t believe it’s already time for some Friday Faves. Sooo, let’s go! Fave Mascara: L’Oreal Paris Miss Manga I have to give a huge thanks to Alison from Anchor in the Stratosphere for […]

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sugar addiction

WIAW: Sugar Rush 36

Something very bad happened as a result of Friday’s girl’s night activities (sugar laden drinks and desserts). Something very, very bad. I’m craving ridiculous amounts of sugar – specifically chocolate. Help! Now, it’s no secret that I’ve got a sweet tooth. I pretty much consider sugar to be a food group in and of itself. […]

Long Overdue 30

Another weekend come and gone. So sad. How was your weekend? It was kinda cool and rainy here this weekend. Hallelujah! Therefore, it was perfectly acceptable for me to stay in most of the weekend watching Grey’s and finishing reading Gone Girl (craziness!). Y’all can thank my friends Kerri and Anna Grace for insisting on […]

Girl's Night

PRO Compression sock review

PRO Compression Sock Review and Discount Code 16

Happy Friday! You know what is making me extra happy this particular Friday? The fact that it’s not in the 90′s in Georgia in July (I guess technically August now)! In fact, the past couple of days have felt almost fall-ish. It has me wanting to pull out my boots, light some candles and start […]