Everybody Loves Cupcakes: Kitty Kupcake Recipe 20

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Something incredibly weird, yet wonderful happened in Georgia this weekend. It wasn’t obnoxiously hot! It was rainy/cloudy and didn’t go over 90. Hallelujah! Due to this miracle, I was able to run outside both Saturday and Sunday without wanting to completely pass out. I even tricked myself into […]

kitty cupcake

Grey's Anatomy

Friday Faves: I Need Your Advice 22

Happy Friday!! Next week at this time, I will be on my way to Florida for my high school best friend’s wedding. So, naturally, this week will probably go by really slow for me. Doesn’t it always seem to work that way? I do need a bit of advice from my girl friends: The wedding […]

It’s All About Perspective 28

I’ve been a little unintentionally MIA this week. I don’t have a good reason, but you may get a clue during tomorrow’s Friday Faves. So how have you been this week? Catch me up! Yesterday, I went with a coworker on a “Tour of Augusta” with my new boss and a new coworker. We just […]

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The Weekend of My Childhood 43

Do you want to know what one of the worst smells in the world is? The combination of cigarette smoke, beer and Bengay. How would I know that? I sat next to it for two hours last night. But let’s rewind a bit and see how I got to that point… (I’m trying to go […]

Friday Faves: Surprise, Surprise! 27

This sure has been a week full of surprises for me! What about for you? Thankfully, they have been good surprises. I feel like I’m actually a pretty hard person to surprise. I can be quite stealth/sneaky when I need to be, so I normally know about ‘surprises’ before they happen. But this week, I […]

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Amanda and me

Workout Wednesday: Knowing When Life is More Important 22

Happy Wednesday! We are so close to Friday, guys – I can feel it! Today, I have a little something different planned for “Workout Wednesday”. I don’t have a workout to share. I don’t have any tips or suggestions. Instead, I just want to talk to you. Is that ok? You can pretend we are […]

4th of July Flashback 38

Nooooooooo! I don’t want the long holiday weekend to be over! I actually felt like it was the good ole days of summer which is something I haven’t felt since I became an adult with a full time job and all. Even though I still couldn’t sleep past 7:30, it was nice to be able […]

4th of July

red white and blue greek yogurt parfait

Red, White, and Blue Greek Yogurt Parfait 20

How awesome are short weeks? I love when my Friday is actually a Thursday. It just makes everything in life so much more bearable. Three day weekends. That’s how life should always be! I know I normally don’t share too many recipes around here, but that is something I want to change. Bear with me […]

So Many Treats! 32

Can I just say that y’all are my favorites? Seriously, I think we would probably be best friends if we lived in the same city. So many of you replied that cake was your favorite wedding food. Those are the kind of positive people that I need in my life : )  I feel like […]


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CrossFit and Cake 36

This weekend flew by for me! How about for you? I was so sad that I had to leave Fitbloggin on Friday afternoon just when I felt like I was finally warming up to everyone! My talk on Friday morning went really well (thanks for all the encouragement, friends!). I felt super cool when I saw […]