Thankful Thoughts

I hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving yesterday and ate your fill of turkey and dressing! I had a great day with family and friends! I tried my best to disconnect from social media throughout the day to really focus on my blessings and live in the moment.

My dad and I originally planned to run a Turkey Trot 5K in Sarasota, but the race actually sold out when my dad went to register us the day before. Have you ever heard of a 5K selling out? Crazy! It worked out in our favor actually. On Thanksgiving morning, my dad and I got up to run our own 5K around downtown St. Petersburg. We ended up going 4 miles instead, and took in some beautiful views.

St. Petersburg Pier

St. Petersburg Pier

Yes, it was actually a chilly morning in Florida! This building behind me is the St. Petersburg Pier. It’s closed now : ( But, I have so many great memories here – including the one and only time I saw N*SYNC!

Nativity scene

downtown St. Petersburg

After our run, we came home to help my mom finish getting everything ready for Thanksgiving dinner. I took some pictures of our fur babies. Elle is my mom’s black lab mix. My mom found here on the side of the road when she was just a puppy.



At 4 o’clock, it was finally time to eat! Two of our close family friends (they are pretty much my adopted grandparents) joined us for dinner as well.



Thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving dinner

Yes, I did clear my plate : )

After dinner, I met up with three of my good high school friends (I lived in Florida during my last three years of high school). Since I live back in Georgia now, I don’t get to see these girls near enough!



Once again, I was overwhelmed by all that God has blessed me with in my life. He is simply too good! I want to challenge you to really focus on your blessings this holiday season. It’s so easy to get caught up in our busy schedules and miss the daily gifts that we are given. I know I am guilty of focusing on the blessings that I’m going to receive instead of the ones that are already right in front of me!

What were you most thankful for this Thanksgiving?

Do you go shopping on Black Friday? If so, what are you on the hunt for?

What is you favorite Thanksgiving memory of all time?

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  1.' says

    Aw I love how festive the table is! That is crazy that the race sold out. The Turkey Trot I did was capped out at 850, but there was definitely more people than that running without bibs. I think it’s really becoming a popular thing to do on Thanksgiving now!

    I was most Thankful this Thanksgiving for being with friends. I moved here two years ago with no friends at all, so to have a house full of friends for a holiday is amazing!

    • says

      Oh wow! I agree. I think a lot more people are trying to burn off some calories in Thanksgiving morning before all the calorie consumption begins : )

      I’m glad you had a great Thanksgiving! There is nothing quite like a full house on the holidays!

  2.' says

    Sounds like a great thanksgiving!! :)

    I tried to enter the 5k colour run here a month beforehand and it had sold out too but yes usually 5ks don’t sell out!

    No thanksgiving here but had a nice weekend anyway.

  3.' says

    It may sound like a cliche, but I was most thankful for my family and friends, both the ones I celebrated Thanksgiving with and the ones who were far away. I did not go shopping yesterday (or on Thanksgiving, definitely not that!). Best Thanksgiving memory– big family Thanksgiving dinners at my grandparents’ house. I’m glad you and your dad got out for a run– wish I could have gotten out to exercise on Thanksgiving.

    • says

      Big Thanksgiving dinners at my grandparent’s are my best memory as well! Sadly, they aren’t here to spend the holidays with anymore which makes the memories all the more special. I’m glad that you had a great Thanksgiving!

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