Healthy Mexican Pizza Recipe

You wanna know what two of my favorite food related words are?

Mexican and Pizza.

I’m not quite sure who thought of the idea of blending these two words. Was it Taco Bell? I hope not. I don’t want to give Taco Bell credit for anything. Ok, except for maybe their cinnamon twists. Those things are pretty good.

What also turned out pretty good was this super easy Mexican Pizza recipe. Really, this could not have been any easier to put together. You basically can make this as simple or as complicated as you want. It’s the perfect recipe for a low-key Superbowl Sunday.

What you will need:

– 1 lb. of lean ground turkey

– 4 wheat tortillas

– jar of favorite salsa

– 1 can of low- fat refried beans

– 1 small can of green chilies

– 1 small can of sliced black olives

– light sour cream

– reduced fat Mexican cheese mix

What you do:

1. Start by browning the turkey. Mix in one taco seasoning packet.

2. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

3. Lightly grease two pie pans with cooking spray and place one tortilla in each pan.

4. Spread a layer of refried beans along each tortilla and spread an even layer of ground turkey on top. Place the other other tortilla on top.

5. Place pans in oven for 15 minutes.

Healthy Mexican Pizza

6. Since it looks a little boring right out of the oven, you get to jazz it up with some of this stuff:

Mexican Pizza

And maybe some of this if you are really lucky:

Trader Joe's Guacamole Hummus

How easy is that?

Add some Mexican rice and corn as sides, and you have yourself a healthy and delicious dinner.

Healthy Mexican Pizza

What are some of your favorite food combos?

I can’t believe the Superbowl Sunday is already this weekend. Who are you cheering for the Broncos or the Seahawks? I’m not a big NFL fan, but I really like Peyton Manning as a person, so I will always cheer for any team he plays for. Go Broncos!

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  1.' says

    It looks fantastic and it’s a great combo! I know it’s crazy to most, but I love fried chicken and waffles. I think it’s a southern thing, even though I grew up in Maryland. My parents would make it once every couple months and it was fantastic. In the past 10 years, I’ve actually started noticing it on menus in gourmet restaurants. Who knew?! Anyway, will definitely try the pizza for sure. Love Mexican and love pizza!!! Have a great weekend!

    • says

      I have lived in the South for pretty much my whole life and have never had chicken and waffles! I’ve noticed that its been making an appearance as sort of a ‘trendy’ menu item lately too. I need to just order one day!

      Have a great weekend too, Bre!

  2.' says

    Holy yum lady this sounds delicious!!

    I won’t be watching the Superbowl here but Nick is a huge fan even though he is in Australia and him and some friends have taken the day off work to go to a bar where they are playing it on tv and watch it :)

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