Workout Wednesday: My Favorite Exercises Part 1

Remember how it snowed a few weeks ago and the entire South shut down?

how the South reacts to snow

Well, that’s happening again now except with ice. I much prefer snow, thanks.

 One of the guys from The Weather Channel is in Augusta – that’s how you know that it just got real. I’ll be staying inside today and working remotely from my computer. I’m praying the electricity doesn’t go out because there is no amount of clothing in my closet that will keep me warm in a house without heat.

Speaking of keeping warm, I’ve got a few of my favorite workout moves to get your heart rate up on a cold, winter today. Over the weekend, I did my first fitness photo shoot with my friend at Leeanne Usry Photography and Fine Art!

 I learned a lot during this shoot…like the fact that I make terrifying faces when I work out. So this is why Fitness magazine has never contacted me about being a model? Life makes so much more sense now. Also, having photographs taken of you holding workout positions really shows where you need to improve form-wise. Let’s just say I have some work to do on my plank posture.

Today, we are going to focus on my top 3 core moves. You can add these on at the end of your cardio workout for a total core workout!

Yoga Abs Sequence: 

This is an exercise I learned during my college yoga class that I absolutely fell in love with. You start in downward dog, but with one of your legs in the air. From here, you swing the lifted leg down until your knee meets your right elbow. Then you lift your leg back up and repeat the swinging motion with your knee towards your chest and then across to the opposite elbow. You would do 10-12 reps on each leg. Remember that one rep consists of bringing your leg to your right elbow, middle and left elbow. The key to this move is to keep your core tight and really swing your leg forward and back almost with a little jump to get your heart rate up.

Yoga abs sequence


This has been my favorite move for years! It’s pretty easy at first, but if you really focus on keeping your core and glutes tight, then you will feel the burn – and fast! Start by laying flat on your stomach in a relaxed position. Lift your upper and lower body off of the ground as high as possible then lower them just to about an inch off the ground and hover for a few moments before lifting back up again. The key to this exercise is control. Stay tight and control your body as you lift and lower. You can start with about 20-25 reps and add on more if you want an extra challenge.


Weighted Abs Sequence

This is a move that we did in my ab blast class a few weeks ago. I like to incorporate weights into my ab exercises when I get the chance. This is one of the pictures where my form isn’t the best, so learn from my mistake. In the first photo, where the weight is above my head, notice how my back is arched. You do not want this. Try to keep your lower back rooted to the ground (not overextended like mine). From here, you lift straight up using your core. You lower back down to the ground and repeat while adding side twists after each lift. (So basically, after each movement you go back down to the ground like in picture #1.) You repeat this sequence 12-15 reps.

Weighted abs

If you have any questions about those moves, or need me to better explain them, just ask me. It’s a lot harder to explain an exercise move through written word than it is just to show it.

Have you ever done any of my favorite core moves before?

What is the weather like in your neck of the woods?


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  1.' says

    I love that you did this workout outside, I think that is awesome :)

    I’ve done supermans before but the other moves were new to me. Thank you for sharing.

    Weather is hot and sticky here but not great running weather.

  2.' says

    So I saw a funny picture the other day that you’d love, it pokes fun at the reaction differences to snow between the north and south. It’ll give you a little laugh today=)
    And I’m right there with you when it comes to funny faces when working out. Every one of my finish photos from races is terrible. I need some serious help in that area, something I’m working on=) Thanks for sharing the exercises! Have a great weekend and Valentine’s Day!

  3.' says

    I love abs from yoga class, specifically the first move you show. My favorite way to work abs is through other moves such as planks, not crunches. Yoga and Pilates have really helped with my core and balance so I like to include them a few times a week.

    Hope you stay warm and safe!!

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