Welcome Back to the 21st Century!

I’m sorry for being so out of touch for the past few days. It was definitely not intentional. The ice storm hit pretty hard early Wednesday morning and continued on throughout Wednesday. I managed to have power all the way up until 10:30 on Wednesday night. Then my world went dark. And cold. Where is Jake Gyllenhaal when you need him?

When I woke up Thursday, this was my new world.

ice storm Pax

ice storm pax

ice storm Pax

I have a ton pictures of more fallen trees, but didn’t want to bore you too much.

My power wasn’t restored until Saturday around 3:30 PM. I believe that was the longest I have ever gone without any sort of power in my home. I thought I would miss having heat, but what I actually missed the most was being able to turn on my lights at night. Getting dressed was pretty much a gamble because my closet was just a cave of blackness.

Without power, I had to learn how to survive off the land and entertain myself.

ice storm Pax

ice storm Pax

10 cool points to whoever can guess which book I’m reading.

And as if losing power and an ice storm isn’t traumatizing enough for one week, around 10:30 PM on Valentine’s Day, I got to experience my first earthquake. I cannot make this stuff up! It was the weirdest thing ever to be in complete darkness (save a few candles) when my entire house begins shaking and it sounds like a jet plain is about to crash in my backyard. It ended up being a 4.4 on the magnitude scale which isn’t at all close to being awful or devastating, but it was certainly significant to me and is not something I care to experience again. Of course, in typical Southern fashion though, everyone made a really big deal about it.

Augusta earthquake

So that’s been my life the past few days. I’m really looking forward to hopefully having a natural disaster free week! Now that my power is back, I’m also looking forward to being able to cook again. A girl can only eat so much Checkers, Waffle House and doughnuts before she feels absolutely disgusting. I officially reached that limit.

How was your Valentine’s Day? Hopefully better than mine : )

What is something you are looking forward to this week?

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  1. admin@bumpandrunchat.com' says

    What a crazy weekend! And I can’t believe there was an earthquake. I used to love when the power went out growing up because my family would light candles and we’d play board games. The power goes out all the time here in Barbados, although usually during the day when I have tons of work to do=\ Glad you made it through the weekend okay.
    Enjoy Hunger Games, they’re pretty good=)

  2. thefinalforty@gmail.com' says

    Yikes! This sounds awful. The snow has been driving me crazy, and I can’t even imagine losing my power right now…I’d REALLY lose my mind! Glad you’re back, though! This week…looking forward to running the Glass Slipper Challenge in Disney! I can’t WAIT for some warmer weather! 😀

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