California Dreamin’

Happy Wednesday friends!

Today is actually the end of the work week for me, thankfully. I go in to have my wisdom tooth taken out tomorrow. Yes, just one. I guess I’m not so wise. Considering the fact that I cry at a paper cut, I really hope that the procedure and recovery go smoothly. Anyone have any advice I can borrow? I mean, what do you eat? Just ice cream? Because, I’m totally fine with that.

I believe I promised a recap of my San Diego visit. And since I keep my promises and you go:

San Diego was actually my first experience with California, and let’s just say that I’m a huge fan now. How can I complain when I had views like this while I was working?

San Diego Hilton

My work day started bright and early working at 7AM (hello, jet lag) and ended at 5 PM each night. I only really got half of a day to explore San Diego, but I had a blast each night hanging out with my coworkers in a non-work setting. They’re a pretty fun crowd.

San Diego USCAP

I actually planned my first 5K (with the help of The Event Team in San Diego and my awesome coworkers) and it went really well. We had around 80 participants which isn’t too bad for a first time race.

Miles for Mentors 5K

Miles for Mentors 5K

Tuesday night we had a huge reception for the entire conference which included a mariachi band and dancers, a beach music cover band and the Navy Seals.

San Diego fiesta

San Diego

On the half day that I had to explore the city, my coworker and I hopped on a trolley which took us to some of San Diego’s top attractions.

1. Coronado Beach

Coronado Beach

Coronado Beach

I love how completely different the Pacific Ocean looks from the Atlantic Ocean.

2. Balboa Park

Balboa Park

Balboa Park

We didn’t have time to get off here, but it was so, so beautiful! I hope I can go back to San Diego just to spend a day here.

3. USS Midway

This was such an unique experience. I’ve been on the USS Yorktown in Charleston; but I was in middle school, so the memory of being on an aircraft carrier was a bit faded. I felt like I was on a movie set or something – I was just waiting for Mark Wahlberg was going to come rushing past with a gun or something. The coolest thing about the USS Midway is that all the volunteers on the ship are men who actually served on the ship at some point. It’s extremely humbling when you sit back and think about it. True heroes.

USS Midway

USS Midway POW/MIA table

USS Midway POW/MIA table

USS Midway American flag

For our last night in San Diego, we enjoyed the beautiful views with a few drinks.

San Diego

And we let a street performer juggle swords over our head (when in San Diego right?).

San Diego street performer

As fun and beautiful as San Diego was, it sure was nice to come home after being gone for a week.

Atlanta airport at sunset

Have you ever been to California? If so, what is your favorite city?

Do you like coming home after traveling, or do you dread it?

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  1.' says

    California looks gorgeous! I’m hoping to visit next year if I can afford it (quite expensive from the UK!) The only thing I look forward to when I get home is my home comforts and eating normal time again! Not so much the unpacking 😉

    • says

      The flights are expensive even from the Eastern US, so I can’t imagine what they would be from the UK. If you can though, it would be worth it!

      Ughhh, I hate unpacking…I may or may not have my suitcase still sitting in a room out of my sight.

  2.' says

    I have been to California quite a bit. My aunt lives in SD so we go about once every two years to visit and it is one of the most gorgeous cities. I am in love with SD; the water, the chill lifestyle, the food, the weather. It looks like you had a great trip!

    Good luck with your wisdom tooth. And yes, you get to eat ice cream and anything that is soft. But soon enough you’ll be back up going at full swing. I had all four out at once – wowza.

  3.' says

    Your trip looks like it was blast! I’ve only been to California once and we went to Lake Tahoe so I still haven’t seen the Pacific Ocean. I would love to go back and visit someday so many amazing cities to see in Cali! San Fran, San Diego, Napa, LA, the list goes on and on!

  4.' says

    Awesome! I loooove SD and haven’t been there for at least half a year now. I live in the LA area so yes, I’ve been enjoying the weather here especially when it was raining! But now it’s dry and hot, and my fave weather is rain. Boo. :( So great that you enjoyed your trip to SD! And although there is nothing like sleeping in your own bed, I’m one of those people who just never wanna come back home! hahaha, sounds kinda sad, doesn’t it? I guess wherever I go I feel like that’s my new “home”, in a sense. Have a beautiful day Stacie~

    • says

      So jealous right now! LA is next on my list whenever I go back out to California. I like coming home for a day or not, but am ready to go away again within a week.

      Have a great day too, Ellie!

  5.' says

    I’ve been to California twice and I love San Fransisco… but I’ve never been to San Diego!
    If it’s a good vacation, I want it to last forever! The only place I’ve really NEVER wanted to come home from is Hawaii. Both times I’ve been the hubs and I talked about how we could stay forever!
    Welcome back!

    • says

      I have a friend who lives in San Francisco. I may have to pay her a visit soon : )

      Hawaii is such a dream vacation to me! I probably would never want to come back either if I went.

  6.' says

    Sounds like a fantastic trip. Even though you weren’t able to explore as much as you may of liked, I think what you did do was awesme. SD has always been one place I’d love to visit. One day!

    Since you’ve had your wisdom tooth surgery by now, I hope you’re doing wonderful & the pain has started to subside

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