March Stitch Fix Review

First of all, thank you so much for all the well wishes about my wisdom tooth surgery. It went so well, and my recovery has been perfect so far (keeps fingers crossed). Now let’s move on to more exciting things to discuss like clothes : )

This is the tale of the Stich Fix box that almost didn’t happen.

You see my box was scheduled to be delivered right before I left for California, but instead it came the day I left for California. How sad. I was across the country when my box full of joy arrived at my doorstep in Georgia. If you have never used Stitch Fix before, you’re probably wondering why I couldn’t just wait and open my box when i returned. Well, Stitch Fix has a 3 day turn around rule. You have three days after your box is delivered to decide what you want to keep and return what you don’t want.

Thankfully, I was able to contact the customer service and they extended the time I could keep my box. I’m so glad that I was able to see what was in my box because I would have hated the return such cute stuff!

Now, for those of you who are new around here. Stitch Fix is a personalized shopper subscription service. I have my subscriptions set up as monthly, but you can just try it out once, or you can also just request a box whenever you want one. Your box includes five items that your personal stylist (yes, it feels so cool to type that) picks for you based on a style profile you fill out online.

Your box also comes with staying cards that let you see how to style each item. Sadly, I was the smart one who threw away my styling card before I wrote this post, so I don’t have the official names of any of my items. Enjoy the pictures instead!

1. This shirt is by Mia Melon. It’s just a simple black shirt from the front, but from the back it gets a little crazy. I have officially declared this my ‘mullet shirt.’

Mia Melon shirt

Mia Melon shirt

2.  This sweater is by 41Hawthorn and it’s the perfect sweater for transitioning to spring. It’s lightweight and look at all those colors!

41Hawthorn sweater

3. Since my stylist has figured out the secret to finding me perfect pants, she has been sending a pair in each box. These skinny jeans are by Just Black. It’s a bit hard to tell from the photo, but they are a deep green color. Again, perfect for spring!

Just Black skinny jeans

4. This Katherine Barclay sweater has my 3 favorite colors: grey, black and white. Gosh, I sound so boring! I actually wore this sweater to work this week with some black pants and a white shirt underneath.

Katherine Barclay sweater

Katherine Barclay sweater

5. My final piece was this gold elephant necklace. I love dainty jewelry, and this was so different. Zac said that it was ‘unlucky’ since the elephant has it’s trunk down. Have you ever heard anything about that? Well, I now consider this my lucky necklace because I was wearing it when I found my new kitty.

gold elephant necklace

Another month, another perfect Stitch Fix box! I ended up keeping all 5 items (I still can’t believe it’s cheaper to keep all 5 instead of just keeping 4).

If you are thinking about trying out Stitch Fix, then please let them know that I sent you by using my referral code:

Finally, I want to give a little shootout to Samantha Grizzell for winning the Brownie Brittle Giveaway. Congrats, Samantha!

So which items would you have kept?

What are your plans for this weekend?

For those that have gotten there wisdom teeth removed: How long until I can start working out again? 

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  1.' says

    What a great box. Does it get better than a mullet shirt and lucky necklace? I actually really love the sweater, it something I would never pick out but would see someone wearing it and say. “I want that!”

  2.' says

    LOVE that sweater and the pants! And that is definitely a “mullet” shirt :) I’m always a sucker for cut-outs and details on the back.

    I’ve never heard that when an elephants trunk down it is unlucky! Glad the necklace was lucky for you….yay for a new kitty :)
    Have a great weekend, Stacie!

  3.' says

    YOU ARE SO LUCKY that things are going well post wisdom teeth surgery! It was a DISASTER for me when I had mine out. All 4. All 4 got infected. I was a chip munk for 2 months!!!! AHHHH!!! Keep those sockets clean 😉 AND OMG I am in love with the elephant!!

  4.' says

    The skinny jeans look amazing on you! I would have kept the sweater, jeans, and the necklace. I’m on the fence about the t-shirt.

    Glad your recovery from the wisdom teeth surgery has been going well.

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