Weekend Confessions

Oh Monday, we meet again. How was your weekend? I figured I would switch things up a bit and tell you about mine – confession style.

1. I sadly wasn’t able to spend Father’s Day with my Dad, but I did  get to hang out with my future father-in-laws (Zac’s dad and step-dad).

2. Speaking of my Dad…Did you know my Dad was Bill Clinton? OK, not really. But growing up, it was all I heard! I think Bill Clinton was elected President around the time I started kindergarten, so literally my earliest memories are of complete strangers coming up to us in restaurants and saying, “Has anyone ever told you that you look like the President?” If I had a dollar for every time someone said that, I could probably afford a nice vacation somewhere. Thankfully, I’ve only heard that I look like Chelsea a few times.

Dad and Bill Clinton

3. The majority of my weekend was spent watching my newest obsession, Scandal. I’m about halfway through Season 3. No shame. I’ve also found my new TV boyfriend. For all you Scandal fans, I’m in love with Jake. The end.

4. Netflix is pure evil. It makes binge TV watching so easy. Whenever an episode of Scandal ends, another starts within 15 seconds. How am I supposed to say no??

5. My blog business cards came in on Friday! I’m pretty happy with how they turned out (I used Moo.com). I can’t wait to hand these suckers out at Fitbloggin in a few weeks.

business cards


6. Even though the majority of my weekend was spent glued to my Netflix account, I’m really glad I had a relaxing weekend. I’ll be gone to Chicago for work this weekend and then at Fitbloggin the next. I needed to rest in preparation : )

7. I will leave you this morning with pictures of my terror cat. Oliver has a very bad habit of grabbing whatever food I happen to leave on the counter. I’ve learned my lesson, but clearly he can smell the food through my lunchbox. I found him growling while dragging my lunchbox across the ground. Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure:


Oliver lunchbox

He held on for a good while. He’s a stubborn little thing.

How was your weekend?

Did you go anything for Father’s Day?

How can I keep my terror cats of the counters?

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  1. ambritt76@gmail.com' says

    I’m glad you had a relaxing weekend, mine was a nice blend of active and slothery :) I didn’t get to see my dad yesterday either and to make it worse, my brother and sister WERE there with him, just not me! Ugh. Luckily his birthday us coming up so I have a chance to make up!

    • says

      That’s good that you get to see your dad on his birthday! I hate being the only one to miss out on family gatherings – the downside of living away from family. I’m glad you had a great weekend though!

  2. dillowa1@gmail.com' says

    I LOVE Scandal!! And Jake, oh Jake – what a cutie. I agree, Netflix has me binge watching thanks to their shows rolling into the next as soon as one ends.

  3. sweetmilesblog@gmail.com' says

    Love your business cards! GUH I so wish I had thought about going to Fitbloggin’ this year!! Kicking myself big time. Next year for sure! :) Craccckkking up about the Bill Clinton thing…bahaha. I live in LR, Arkansas, so trust me, it’s Bill Clinton out the wazoo!

    • says

      Oh my gosh! If my dad had moved us to Arkansas we would have been famous! Wish you were going to Fitbloggin too. I don’t know that many people who are going, but am excited to meet new blog friends.

  4. Jessiejoshua21@yahoo.com' says

    If you love Scandal, you’ll have to start on The Blacklist if you haven’t already. You’ll become just as addicted & want to watch the whole season in one day Haha!

    p.s. your business cards look great, sweetie!

    As for your Father’s Day question. It’s basically impossible to see our fathers when we’re in a different country. Haha! We did however call everyone & talk for a bit :)

    • says

      Stop fueling my addiction, Jessie! ; ) I’m close to being caught up on Scandal, so I will add The Blacklist to my list after that.

      That’s good that you were able to talk to your family on Father’s Day. I know even that must be hard with the time difference.

  5. runningforcupcakes92@gmail.com' says

    I just started watching Scandal this weekend!!! This is a big deal for me because I normally hate watching TV, but I can’t stop watching Scandal. I’m still on the first season, but at the rate I’m going I’ll be caught up in no time!

  6. louisepittam@hotmail.co.uk' says

    Aww, cute pic! :) Adoarble cat, but definitely trouble! They’re way too cute to get mad at though, lol. I never saw my dad on Father’s Day either, but did get to see him on the Saturday, so I got to give him his present then. Didn’t the weekend go by crazy quick? So not fair! 😛

    • says

      That’s the bad part. I can never really be mad at him because he’s too cute! I always end up laughing. That’s good you got to see your dad this weekend – and yes, weekends always go by crazy quick to me : (

  7. carlabruns@ymail.com' says

    hahah! Oliver is so funny! You should join my #Caturday picture taking on Instagram. Oliver needs a little love.

    Okay, now that you say that about Chelsea Clinton I can kind of almost see where people might say that. But your prettier.

    I’m glad you got to spend some time with some dads. That’s a good thing. :)

    Stop mentioning Neflix. As soon as I’m done binge watching Big Love on Amazon I might have to go to Neflix and pick up Scandal. Don’t tell me too much just in case.

    • says

      I love your #Caturday pictures of Jeffrey! I might have to throw in a few of Oliver. We all know that he likes to ham it up for the camera!

      And thank you! When I first heard someone say that, I was upset. Then I googled her and saw where she has grown up to be a pretty woman, so I didn’t feel as bad. Haha.

      I’m sorry! But yes, you should start watching it! I need more people to freak out with : )

  8. glutesandladders@gmail.com' says

    Unfortunately I didn’t do much for Father’s Day except call my daddy. When I’m home in a few weeks, I’ll take him to lunch and buy him a bottle of booze.

    I spent too much time this weekend with Netflix! American Horror Story, Orange Is the New Black, and New Girl.

    • says

      Haha that sounds like a good plan! I called my dad too, but won’t see him til July.

      American Horror Story! I binged watched that one about a year ago. I just watched the first episode of Orange is the New Black. It was so different, but I’m interested to see more.

  9. sproutsnsquats@gmail.com' says

    Oliver is way too cute as always! I am a huge huge fan / offender of binge watching shows. I can’t help it. It’s like if you find a show that you didn’t know was good and you watch it and love it, there’s always the huge feeling of joy when you know you have 5 seasons to watch :)

    We celebrate Father’s Day here in August, which is strange as we all celebrate Mother’s Day at the same time so not sure why they do that.

    Weekend was good, I had a good friends baby shower, a work trivia night and spent some time with Nick.

    • says

      Yes, you perfectly captured how I feel about that! It’s so hard for me to deal with the summer breaks that shows take between seasons now. I need the next season to be right there at my finger tips, please!

      Do you really? That is strange since you celebrate Mother’s Day on the same day. Learn something new everyday!

      Sounds like a fun weekend! You just gave me a great idea with the work trivia night.

  10. stacy.steinmeyer@gmail.com' says

    Your dad TITANIUM does look like Bill Clinton! I have to say you are much more beautiful than Chelsea…there’s no comparison (sorry Chels.)

    My mom resembles Princess Diana. People would always pull her aside and tell her that, especially when she had her hair cut shorter.

    Those kitties! Ugh, my dog is about as bad! Lol. She will sit under the counter and cry if she smells something! I just make sure I don’t leave anything out.

    Your biz cards look awesome! I hope you have a great time!!

    • says

      Thank you! I think Chelsea is a pretty now, but I always picture her awkward teen years still. Hopefully, if anything, I resemble her now versus then haha.

      Your mom must be a beautiful woman, because I have always thought Princess Diana was gorgeous! I would always wear my hair short if I were her.

      What are we going to do with these pets? I might have to start feeding them like five times a day and just let them get nice and fat ; )

  11. happyhealthvibes@outlook.com' says

    Netflix can become a nasty addiction haha! I haven’t watched Scandal yet, I’ve gotten too hooked on Gossip Girl. And such a cute but ornery kitty! My pets do the same thing, it’s so hard to be mad at them sometimes when they’re so darn cute! Have a safe trip! : )
    xo Marisa

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