Red, White, and Blue Greek Yogurt Parfait

How awesome are short weeks? I love when my Friday is actually a Thursday. It just makes everything in life so much more bearable. Three day weekends. That’s how life should always be!

I know I normally don’t share too many recipes around here, but that is something I want to change. Bear with me now : )

Back when I was in Chicago, I ate a greek yogurt fruit parfait every morning. I thought to myself: “This is so good, yet simple. Why the heck do I not make parfaits at home?” Yes, I often have conversations with myself in case you were wondering.

When I got home, the first thing on my grocery list was to find ingredients that would help me replicate the parfait from Chicago. Once I had the ingredients in hand, I put together my very own parfait and it was pretty darn good. It’s now become my go-to snack in the afternoons. I love that it provides me with just enough sweetness, some fruit and protein. While I was making my parfait the other day, I was struck by how incredibly festive it looked. Thus, just in time for the 4th of July, I present to you: the Red, White, and Blue Greek Yogurt Parfait.

red white and blue greek yogurt parfait

Let’s all take a brief moment to laugh at my elementary photoshopping skills…

Ok, enough laughing. Onto the good stuff.



– plain Greek yogurt

– blueberries


– granola of your choice

– nut mix of your choice (I used raisins, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and almonds)

– honey


1. Start by with a layer of fruit and granola.

2. Add on a layer of Greek yogurt.

3. Add more fruit and granola as the final layer throwing in some of the nut mix.

4. Drizzle honey on top for some added sweetness.

Four steps. How easy is that? Just how I like my recipes. Of course, feel free to customize the parfait to your own taste, but you gotta stick with the red, white and blue theme if you want to be American and all ; )

I’ll definitely be eating one of these on Friday to even out all the hamburgers and fries. It’s all about moderation!

Do you have any granola recipes to share with me? I’d like to try to make my own.

Do you like to match your food with the holidays?

Favorite 4th of July treat?

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  1.' says

    I love making my own granola because you can change up the ingredients and make just what you are craving or adjust for the season. This is my favorite recipe –
    I often don’t intend to make holiday- themed meals, but somehow the colors usually end up in them anyway. I have been eating yogurt parfaits all week with strawberries and blueberries without even realizing it!

  2.' says

    I made chipotle cranberry turkey enchiladas for thanksgiving, so that tells you about how much I match my food and holidays! And this reminds me of my second breakfast, which I have at work. Only my looks terrible because it is all mixed up. Yours is much prettier

  3.' says

    It’s not my own, but my absolute favorite granola recipe is from PaleOMG. I’ve been meaning to put it on the blog, because I’ve tweaked it a bit (I don’t use as much liquid in mine). So you’ll hopefully see it soon. You’re parfait looks fantastic, thanks so much for sharing! I hope you have a fantastic holiday weekend!!!!

    Granola recipe:

  4.' says

    Look at you being all festive :) I love grilled hot dogs paired with a good pasta salad & simple salad! Oh and can’t forget chips & salsa for snacking!

  5.' says

    It looks delish! We have a four day weekend at my work. Since we are an international company they like all the different countries to get the same number of holidays so that means we always get 2 days off for the 4th. Yeah! Enjoy your long weekend!

    The granola never makes it past my mouth to actually get into a recipe.

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