The Weekend of My Childhood 43

Do you want to know what one of the worst smells in the world is? The combination of cigarette smoke, beer and Bengay. How would I know that? I sat next to it for two hours last night. But let’s rewind a bit and see how I got to that point…

(I’m trying to go a little How I Met Your Mother on y’all with starting in the future and flashing back – just roll with it.)


Friday was actually a really fun work day. Did I just say that? It was probably because I spent half the day out of the office and running errands. Our new boss is coming to the office today, so I spent Friday morning running errands all over Augusta in preparation. I should be a professional errand runner. That would be fun.

Friday night, Zac surprised me by texting me and asking if I wanted to go eat at Bonefish. I never turn down Bang Bang shrimp! Then, he texted me and asked if I wanted to go see a movie too (Zac isn’t much of a movie person). What was happening in my world? I said yes to all the above!

I think my blogging habits may be rubbing off on Zac because when our food arrived he said, “Aren’t you going to take a picture? This looks too good not to take a picture.”

So here ya go:

bonefish martini

I’m not too much of a martini person, but Bonefish makes the best martinis ever! Fresh pineapple and rum? Sold.

bonefish grouper

Dinner for me was grouper, crab fried rice (go get it now!) and zucchini. Zac got the surf n’ turf. I ate almost every last bite with no remorse.

After dinner, we stopped by Zac’s aunt’s house to drop off some to-go Bang Bang shrimp for her. On the way, we decided to skip the movie. Movies that start at 9:45 at night? That’s almost my bedtime!


Saturday was a very, very special day…

Oliver turned 1! I spent the day catering to Oliver and telling him that he was the most handsome kitty ever. So, pretty much, it was just like any other day. I can’t believe that I’ve already had Oliver for a year. I can’t remember life without him!

kitten Oliver





Sunday’s highlight was finally seeing all my childhood dreams come true on one stage! Yes, I got to see The Beach Boys perform with Uncle Jesse (John Stamos)!

Sadly, I left my super duper concert camera at home in the most epic fail of the year. So, I only was able to take photos with my phone. I’m going to go ahead an apologize for this lone picture from the concert.

the beach boys

Of course, John Stamos would have the red guitar. He actually played the entire set with The Beach Boys, and it was obvious how close they were to him. They even played ‘Forever’ with him!! Remember that song from Full House? My eyes might have gotten a bit teary. Overall, it was such a great concert! I just wish I had better photos to share with y’all.

I originally was supposed to go to the concert with my coworker, but she called me sick Sunday morning. Thankfully, Zac was able to come with my instead, so I didn’t have to go by myself and be the creepy Uncle Jesse girl.

beach boys concert

beach boys concert

I’m pretty sure that Zac and I were the youngest people at the concert (excluding children with their parents). But, we’ve already established that I’m 75 at heart, so it’s all good.

The highlight of my evening definitely was when the drunk lady behind me spilled her beer all over my brand new outfit. I’ve been to a lot of concerts in my life. Out of all of them, I never would have pegged The Beach Boys to be the first concert I’d have beer poured on me.

And the guy next to us smelled like cigarettes and Bengay…how’s that for coming full circle? : )

Tell me about your weekend!

What was your best and/or worst concert experience?

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