WIAW: Photo Fails

Hey y’all! Happy Wednesday! I have to start the blog out today with wishing my Mom a very Happy “29th” Birthday!!

mom birthday

Holy hairspray, Mom! Good thing there were no candles nearby. Also, I would like to document this photo as proof that I originated the “hand on the hip” pose. Toddler model. What can I say?

Back to my Mom because it is her birthday after all. The past year has been a very tough one for my Mom, but I am so proud of how she handled it with strength, grace and kindness. She truly gives me something to aspire after and has always put my happiness above her own. I would be lucky to be half the Mom she is one day.

met with mom

So…happy birthday, Mom (because I know you’re reading this)! I’ll see ya tomorrow!

Alright, on to the other important thing about today: the food.

I’ll be linking up with Peas & Crayons for another WIAW.
honey nut cheerios
luna carrot cake
My snack was originally supposed to be an apple, but I might have left it on the kitchen counter. Whoops. Thankfully, I have a staff of random snacks at my desk that came to the rescue.
Recycled photo (fail). A few minor changes from this photo and yesterday’s lunch. 1) My wheat thins were Sweet Onion flavor. 2) I mixed my vanilla Shakeology with pineapple juice and coconut/vanilla almond milk – pina colada in my mouth!
Ahhhh yet another photo fail. I didn’t get a picture of my amazing blueberry parfait. You just got to trust me that my parfait making skills have made it to professional status.
I actually took a photo of my dinner. Zac (who was kind enough to bring it to me) even made fun of me for taking it. But, when I went to download the photo to my computer, it just showed a grey box in place of where my delicious veggie quesadilla and tortilla chips should have been. Ghost photo?
endangered species chocolate
After several of your suggestions last week on how to better control my sweet tooth, I’ve started having a little bit of dark chocolate after dinner. So far, I think it’s working. Plus, I found this brand of dark chocolate that donates some of its proceeds to endangered animals conservation. I love eating chocolate for a good cause : ) I should probably buy a lot of this stuff.
What was the best thing you ate yesterday?
Did any of your meals from yesterday not go quite as planned?
What is your favorite type of chocolate: milk, white or dark?

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  1. Balancingb@gmail.com' says

    Ghost photos do exist!! However, I am dying over the photo of you as a little girl- too sweet. You look the exact same. Happy birthday to your mom!

  2. suzlyfe@gmail.com' says

    Happy Birthday mom! You don’t look a day past 29! Best thing that I ate yesterday was a really really good sweet potato. I dunno, it just was excellent. I like dark chocolate (for small bites), but all the chocolate otherwise!

  3. irunhetris@gmail.com' says

    I’m pretty bad about taking pictures of my food, too! I usually dive right in and then once I’m done I think “man, I should have taken a picture!” The chocolate bar sounds amazing. I LOOVE dark and milk chocolate, but not a fan of white chocolate. I mean I’ll eat it if I HAVE to. :) Yesterday’s food was rather blah. I didn’t have much of an appetite.

  4. babyhalo19@yahoo.com' says

    I love honey nut cheerios! We always have them in the house because Josh eats them every morning for breakfast. They are my snack weakness!

    Happy happy birthday to your mom! I hope this next year is amazing for her!

  5. dubagee@yahoo.com' says

    SO an old babysitter of mine recently found me on Facebook and sent me a whole bunch of photos from back in the day…. OMG YOU WOULD CRY FROM LAUGHTER AT MY MOM’S HAIR AND MAKE UP!! AHhh ha ha ah ah! I freaking LOVEEEEEEE blast from the pasts!

  6. myrayssunshine@gmail.com' says

    Dark chocolate for me! How was the carrot cake bar, yay or nay? Back when Wild Oats still existed they had the best organic chocolate, I wish you could still buy it. Oh well, one less thing to eat.

    • says

      I would say it’s overall a yay. The first few bites I wasn’t too sure, but by the end I really liked it. Although, I don’t think it’s in my top 5 Luna bar flavors though.

  7. Bmw81354@gmail.com'Babs Manley says

    Thank you for all the kind words Stacie! You were and still are a blessing from God and such a joy in my life. I just wish you lived closer to me, so I could spoil you even more. Love you to the moon and back!! <3

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